TC Electronic Polytune Mini Tuner Pedal


Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 966100001 | SKU# 234632222

PolyTune was a big deal, but so is the space on your board. A small footprint is essential for flexible agile guitarists who have places to go and people to rock. PolyTune Mini is the perfect solution for those (and other) guitarists - revolutionary PolyTune technology meets tiny footprint. Seriously SmallPolyTune Mini should fit on even the most crowded of pedalboards, but still packs all the innovative technology of its big brother. That means you save precious space due to PolyTune Mini's small footprint and still get access to PolyPhonic tuning, lightning fast response and an ultra-bright display. Old Skool - Still CoolYou want a chromatic tuner You got it! PolyTune features MonoPoly a technology that allows PolyTune to detect whether you play one or multiple strings and react lightning by changing to chromatic mode if that's what you need. Our chromatic tuner is second to none when it comes to accuracy and speed.A Strong Display of InnovationGuitarists that play gigs, will no doubt recognize the nightmare of an unclear display. Whether it be bright sunlight, an overeager light technician or a stage smoke machine gone bonkers. PolyTune Mini feature an ultra bright LED Matrix guaranteed to be visible in any and all conditions. Ultra-small Footprint - Will Fit on Any Pedal Board PolyTune - Tune All Strings Simultaneously +/- 0.5 Cent Tuning Accuracy True Bypass w/ Silent Tuning Super-bright LED Display Up to 5 Semitones Flat Tunings Drop-D and Capo Tuning

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