Eva Solo CafeSolo Coffee Maker with Neoprene in Black - 47 fl.oz


Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 567591 | SKU# 567591

The CafeSolo coffee maker makes coffee. Brewed on the basis of the original method. Without steam or pushing and pulling. Simply coffee beans and water.Keeps the coffee hot thanks to the insulating neoprene coverDrip-free pouring lipThe accompanying flip-top lid opens automatically when pouringCapacity: 47 fl. oz (1.4 Liter)Unit is dishwasher-safeNeoprene cover: handwash onlyMade in DenmarkGift packed. How it works?When boling water comes into contact with the glass flask and the coffee beans, the temperature imemdiately drops to about 201.2 F (94 C ), the ideal temperature for coffee brewing. It may be a good aidea to heat the glass flask with some boiling water before spooning the coffee.Stirring the coffee creates contact between the coffee grains and the water to ensure that any air trapped in the grains can escape to the surface. 80% of the flavor is extracted within few minutes of brewing while the water is at it's highest temperature. After this, there is nothing to be gained from leaving the coffee to brew for longer -the coffee does not come appreciably stronger while it is standing in the flask.The filter funnel ensures that coarse grains are held back, and the design of the flask lip means the coffee-maker is totally drip free. The cover keeps the coffee at drinking temperature for up to 30 minutes. The hermetical rubber seal flip-top lid also reducing heat loss, opening automaticaly when you serve.For best results, store the beans whole and grind immediately before use.

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