LEGO Alpha Team


Brand: LEGO
Model# 27090 | SKU# 117987

Plot your agents'moves to solve the covert missions! Product Information Want to become a secret agent? Join the Alpha Team!Welcome to a world of secret agents, amazing gadgets and covertoperations whereonly the quick-witted will survive! You get to take charge ofthe LEGO Alpha Team, a crew of secret agents, eachwith a superhero power and specialized gizmo. Your mission: rescue 5members ofthe Alpha Team who have been captured and are being held in Evil Ogelscompound while arranging LEGO contraptions to maneuver obstacles withinthevarious compounds. Do you have what it takes tosave the world? Product Highlights The Mission - To prevent the fiendishOgel fromusing his mind control devices to gain controlof the world. The Team - Six highly-trained,individually-skilled agents. The Leader - You The Message - The fate of the world liesin yourhands. Know your team's individual skills so that you can successfullydeploy them on your behalf. Plan, time and co-ordinate their moves tocomplete each perplexing challenge, dodging Ogel's wicked henchmen onthe way. Product Features 3D graphics Plunge into a world of secret agents and covert operations Lead a crew of characters Outwit Evil Ogel's henchmen 36 types of gadgets to collect System Requirements Windows 98, Me, XP Pentium II 233MHz or faster 32 MB of RAM of more 350 MB of free hard disk space DirectX 7 (included on disc) 4X speed or higher CD-ROM drive 8 MB Direct 3D compatible video card (capable of640x480 resolution in 16 bit color mode) DirectSound compatible sound card and speakers

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