Form 2i Limited Edition 2014 Blue


Brand: Bang & Olufsen
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Celebrating 30 years of the iconic and timeless Form 2 headphones. Form 2 receives a welcomed update with the addition of in-line microphone, 3-button remote and improved comfort design. Aptly named Form 2i, this ultra-light and stylish on-ear headphone features impressive and honest stereo sound. This headphone builds upon the popularity of its predecessor - plus the fact that it is part of the permanent collection at Museum of Modern Art in New York and widely recognized as a truly iconic piece of design. The sound profile is the same as back in the days: Authentic and clean - bringing you sound the way the artists intended it - with no tweaks or over-emphasized bass. Form 2i has well-defined soundstage - it's a combination of a good bass, a focused middle range and precise high frequency tones. Form 2i weighs in at only 90 grams, making it ultra-light and perfectly suited for a life on the go. The improved foam on the ear pads guarantees an even better comfort - and when you combine that with the weight and ergonomics of the headphones you get a piece of audio equipment you can use comfortably for extended periods of time.

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