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TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper Two-Footswitch Looper Pedal

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I61OKVXX40211 | SKU# I61OKVXX40211

Ditto Looper X2, the logical heir to the looping throne after the smash hit Ditto Looper, houses all the features that made the original Ditto Looper such a runaway hit. Ditto Looper X2 adds extra functionality based on feedback from the guitar community and TC Electronic's continuous drive to innovate guitar products. New to Ditto Looper X2 is a stereo I/O and a 2-button User Interface that allows for a dedicated stop/clear footswitch and a button for effects. The effect button allows guitarists to trigger 2 types of loop effects: reverse and speed. In addition, Ditto Looper X2 allows for the import and export of loops on both PC and Mac and Ditto Looper can run backing tracks, keeping all performance essentials neatly in one place. Of course, Ditto Looper X2 features the same true-bypass, analog dry-through design, ultra-small footprint and 24 bit uncompressed high quality audio as the original Ditto Looper. Plus, like Ditto Looper, Ditto Looper X2 features 5 minutes of looping time, unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functionality. Main Features: Dedicated Stop Footswitch Looper effects: Reverse and Half Speed Loop Import/Export Free Backing Tracks from JamTrackCentral Start Where TC Electronic Began. Guitarists love Ditto Looper like nothing else. Its ultra simple design and guitar-centric features like true-bypass, analog dry-through, high quality audio, as well as 5 minutes of looping time and unlimited overdubs resonated with guitarists around the world. So why mess with what TC Electronic nailed the first time? Evolooption. Ditto X2 is the natural evolution of Ditto Looper. TC Electronic listened to all the feedback they've had from happy Ditto users and carefully selected a handful of amazing features that are designed specifically to take your looping to the next level. Ditto X2 is for when you want to get serious about looping, but without sacrificing that signature-simplicity that guitar players know and love from Ditto Looper. Hi


TC Electronic Vintage Overdrive Pedal

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I53OKNGEL1661 | SKU# I53OKNGeL1661

The velvety yet crusty and crunchy sound that comes from the Vintage Overdrive will make your guitar sing. Normally you would have to use an old tube amp to acquire the balmy and poignant overdrive that this pedal delivers. Your dynamics are loyally reproduced and the Vintage Overdrive will give you deliciously sweet harmonics and a broad natural sounding tonal spectrum. The mid-range boost evokes the sounds of the past. Controls - Drive Level, Color Filter, Output Level Connections - 1/4 inch input jack, 1/4 inch output jack, DC jack 2mm (centerpin is minus) Power Supply - 9-12 Vol DC or battery 9V Alkaline. Effect Usage 20mA Dimensions - 100mm x 120mm x 50mm Input - 1/4" connection for input signal. Connect your guitar here. Output - 1/4" connection for output. Connect the output to your amp.


TC Electronic Finalizer 96K Multi Effect Mastering Processor

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I55OKNGCU1625 | SKU# I55OKNGcU1625

The Finalizer 96K delivers unprecedented levels of clarity, warmth and punch to your mix. The Finalizer 96K's all new set of advanced features and enhancements, including 96kHz internal and external processing truly puts the world of professional mastering within reach of every studio - large or small. Inserted between the stereo output of your mixer or workstation and your master recording media, the Finalizer 96K dramatically rounds out your material, creating that "radio ready" sound - previously unattainable outside a professional mastering house. The Finalizer 96K is now able to perform full Up- and Down Sampling. You can enter and exit at any Sample Rate e.g. 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz and make even asynchronous conversion possible. This is essential for you, when working in different Sample Rates. If you want to work with old or already finished material, you now have the ability to Up Sample to 96 kHz through the Finalizer 96K and re-master, if that's what you want. The Up- and Down sample option also makes you well prepared for the DVD or super-CD audio format coming up in the near future." Contact you local service center for further information about the upgrade kit for Finalizer, so you also can make full Up- and Down Sampling! Recall: The "Recall" page takes you step by step through a carefully selected list of 30 presets suitable for any type of source material. There are presets for Classical, Rock, Commercials, Jazz, Techno, Live etc. Wizard: When you want to create your own special preset, call up the "Wizard." Just answer four basic questions about your source material and the type of processing you require, the Wizard will then optimize your material fast and easy. Input And Output: The In & Out blocks now share the same flowchart that shows the signal path from input through inserts to output. The intuitive user- interface gives you the best possible overview, and makes instant connection changes. Tools: The "Phase Correlation Met


TC Electronic Corona Chorus

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I59OKNGAU1655 | SKU# I59OKNGaU1655

The TC Electronic Corona Chorus is your go-to pedal for all your shimmering and warbly goodness. With two different reverb settings (one emulating the classic, world renowned TC Electronic SCF pedal, the other one emulating a Tri- Chorus) and your custom TonePrint setting, the Corona Chorus will stand by you, no matter what situation your playing will bring you in. Choose Your Chorus Whether you go for the music-defining SCF setting or the ultra rich Tri-Chorus, you're always ensured expansive tonal options from glassy shimmers to mind-boggling swirls of sound. In fact, consider buying two and have 'em both on at the same time to combine the SCF sounds with the rich Tri-Chorus tones. Chorus, Don't Bore Us The TC Electronic Corona Chorus has a set of tone controls that allow you to craft a wide variety of chorus sounds -the Speed knob lets you dial in anything from slow 80's chorusing to fast leslie-like sounds, while the Depth knob sets how intense the sound is going to be. The Tone knob allows you dial in the chorus exactly how you like it- from dark and vintage to pristine TC shimmer to a sound that really punches through the mix. Fun guaranteed! Chorus Coolness Completed Chorus is such a nice sound, it deserves maximum width. With stereo in- and outs, you are sure to achieve a warble as wide as your imagination. TonePrint Enabled - Signature Effects But there is more to the TC Electronic Corona Chorus than meets the eye - TonePrint. And it will rock your world. Via a simple USB-connection, TonePrint allows you to download custom tunings made by your favorite guitarists straight into your pedal, easy, free and fast. A vast and ever-expanding roster of the finest guitarists alive are working with us to give you their custom TonePrint settings, so forget emulation, let's talk collaboration! Dripping with the DNA of rock, TonePrints are free, custom tuned tweaks of your favorite pedals, provided by your favorite guitarists! TonePrints gi


TC Electronic M350 Dual Engine Reverb and Multi Effect Processor

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I52OKNGAU1529 | SKU# I52OKNGaU1529

M350 is an extremely user-friendly dual engine rack processor which is equally suited for live and studio applications. It combines 15 brand-new TC-quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects including delay, modulation and compression. Studio engineers and recording musicians will benefit from the included AU/VST compatible software editor, which allows for seamless control and editing integration with DAW systems. Through the included software editor, parameters and preset recalls may be fully automated or real-time controlled. High density 24 bit processing and AD/DA conversion delivers the full transparency of TC reverbs and effects. Choice Selection of Effects The M350's reverbs include: classic TC hall, cathedral, ambience, room as well as plates and springs, and the comprehensive effects section includes a number of essential compression, modulation and delay variations. Optimized Presets The 256 factory presets cover a wide range of applications and audio sources, and enable you to use the M350 right out of the box. With 99 additional user presets, the total number of presets amount to 355. Easy Front Panel Access M350 was designed with the utmost user-friendliness in mind. All reverb and effect types and parameters are accessible directly from the front panel, ensuring maximum flexibility in any given situation. Perfect for Computer Recording Through the included software, the user can control and edit the M350's parameters stand-alone and in any AU/VST environment. Comprehensive I/O The auto-sensing digital input at 24 bit S/PDIF ensures bullet-proof input connection in any setup. Furthermore, the M350 comes with an easy-to-read preset display, and provides MIDI in/out, MIDI clock tempo sync, pedal control of tap tempo, and global bypass. Features: Full DAW integration through VST/AU compatible editor 15 true and stunning stereo reverbs 15 legendary effects & n


TC Electronic RS112 200W 1x12 Bass Speaker Cabinet Black

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 0570662200995 | SKU# 0570662200995

The TC Electronic RS112 is a high-quality compact bass speaker cab in the RS bass range. RS112 delivers TC tone in a small and compact package. But don't let the tight design fool you, the RS112 speaker handles 200 watts of power and the 12" driver and 1" tweeter is the perfect choice for full-toned bass sound anywhere spaces come at a premium. As with all of the RS range, the 12" driver and tweeter (with rear HF adjustment) are custom made by the Eminence and offer superior quality and power. The TC Electronic RS112 bass speaker is ideal as a standalone cabinet for smaller gigs and because it maintains the RS stackability, it can slot in with other RS cabinets to bolster your sound and scale up your system. The portability of RS112 is blatantly obvious, with its 30 lb. weight, small size, and top placed handle it is a virtual grab-and-go cab. Great sound The Eminence 12" and coaxial placed 1" combination secures fast response and punch while the rear cabinet vent adds to the final touch to the ultra low end reproduction. Stackable and portable In addition to its easy portability, RS112 bass speaker cab maintains the RS ran



Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 0570662200859 | SKU# 0570662200859

Studio Konnekt 48 offers a comprehensive array of professional features that make recording, mixing and monitoring a breeze. All essential recording tools are gathered in one box, including world-class DSP effects, a wealth of I/O options, speaker management and many other powerful tools that will take your recordings to the next level. Extensive I/O The extensive I/O section features four IMPACT II preamps. With eight line ins on the rear panel, the total amount of simultaneously streamable analog inputs is 12 as well as 12 analog outputs. Two outputs feature digitally controlled analog XLR connections for optimal connection with your main monitor speakers while the analog output section has 2 independent phones out. The comprehensive digital I/O section features double ADAT 96 kHz SMUX, TOS, S/PDIF and Word Clock I/O and the digital part is powered by the second-to-none DICE Jet jitter elimination engine. World-Class DSP and Speaker Management Studio Konnekt 48 comes with nothing short of world-class DSP effects, including the Fabrik C Studio, an easy-to-use channel strip and mastering tool that offers 4-band EQ, mult Extensive I/O Section with IMPACT II Preamps 4 IMPACT II microphone preamps 12 analog inputs, 12 analog outputs simultaneously High resolution input meter 96 kHz ADAT (8 channels SMUX), word clock and S/PDIF 30/28 channels simultaneously to/from DAW Digitally controlled analog main XLR outputs Dual headphone outs with individual amplification, level control and source Speaker Management Based on Dynaudio AIR Technology Full support for surround systems Individual speaker level and delay settings in 0.1 steps Selectable frequency crossover points Support for 3 speaker systems, individually configurable, selectable from the remote Desktop Remote Control with Integrated Talkback Microphone Full mixer at your hand Built-in talkback mic High resolution LED light ring Compact design 24/8 Channel Digital Mixer with 48-bit Double Precision Summ


TC Electronic Finalizer 96K

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I637645948676 | SKU# I637645948676

The TC Electronic Finalizer offers full up- and down-sampling, 24-bit/96kHz resolution A/D/A converters, and 30 presets to automatically produce quality masters. Or specify 4 simple parameters and the wizard will do the setup. The Finalizer's Extremely advanced intuitive LCD interface gives you precision monitoring and control of every stage in the signal path: analysis of signal types, internal effects abilities, external inserts, EQ, spectral stereo imaging, normalizer, compressor/limiter/expander, crossover, and much more. XLR (AES/EBU), RCA (S/PDIF), and optical (Tos-link, ADAT) connectors, plus balanced XLR ins. Asynchronous conversion with 5 sample rates.24-bit/96kHz resolution A/D/A converters Enter and exit at any of 5 sample rates (32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96kHz) 5-band 24-bit stereo equalizer Dynamic EQ, stereo adjust, digital radiance generator or spectral stereo image enhancement Realtime gain maximizer for normalizing Variable-slope multiband expander Multiband compressor Variable-ceiling multiband limiter Manual or auto fade L/R balance in 0.1dB steps Extremely advanced intuitive LCD 30 presets Setup generating wizard


TC Electronic D-Two Multi-Tap Delay

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I52OFHILW8368 | SKU# I52OFHIlW8368

The TC Electronic D-Two Multi-tap Rhythm Delay is an easy-to-use, high-quality digital delay unit. When it comes to delay effects this unit has you well-covered for live-sound production as well as in the studio. The D-Two covers not only all the traditional delay functions, but also a few brand new ones. With traditional delay units, it's generally only possible to control feedback and level on a specified fixed delay time. With the D-Two you are now able to tap actual rhythm patterns consisting of up to 10 taps directly into the unit. The D-Two can provide up to 10 seconds of delay, features 24-bit A/D-D/A conversion and 24-bit internal processing, comes with 50 factory presets and 100 user, and provides S/PDIF digital I/O at 44.1kHz and 48kHz. 6 unique direct-access features include Spatial (provides extra-wide delay at a single keystroke), Ping-Pong (pick any 5 patterns and set the relationship between panning speed and delay tempo), Reverse (reverse delay with the flick of a key), Dynamic (sets the release time and threshold to let the input signal control level of delay), Chorus (hit a single key to instantly add chorus or flange to your delay), and Filter (increa


TC Electronic RS212 2x12 Vertical Stacking Bass Cabinet

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 0570662200920 | SKU# 0570662200920

Use the TC Electronic RS212 Vertical Stacking Bass Cabinet to upgrade your onstage sound. One of Its 2- 12" custom Eminence drivers has a centered or coaxially placed tweeter with attenuation control. By positioning a single speaker on its end so that the speaker with the tweeter is on top, or by stacking two RS 212 bass cabs vertically, you get both accentuated bass from contact with the floor, and tonal clarity by having the woofer/tweeter combo speaker closer to ear level. The RS 212 bass speaker cabinet's road-worthy enclosure is made of 18mm side panels with rounded hardwood corners. Anti-skid, anti-scratch finish. Large, recessed handles. Strong steel grille. Custom Eminence drivers Rugged design and Anti-scratch finish anti-skid surface treatment to help cabinets stick together when stacked Stacks vertically with other RS cabs to overcome limitations of a single 4x12

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