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Cheese Creamy Havarti (4 Lbs) from Denmark

Brand: Denmarks Finest
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Creamy Havarti is is a cows milk cheese that has cream added for an extra smooth texture. This cheese is semi-soft and laced with pin-sized holes. It has a mild, sweet, and creamy taste and is perfect on bread or as a melting cheese. Denmark's most famous cheese.


Danish Blue Cheese Sold by the pound

Brand: PastaCheese
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Danish cheese is a semi-soft, blue mold cow's milk cheese with a slighty tangy taste. This Blue is milder and creamer then most and is ideal in salads, dressings, dips and desserts.


Danish Feta In Oil and Spices (Apetina) 9.7 oz (275g)

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These imported Danish Feta cheese cubes are submersed in oil and seasoned with herbs and spices.

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