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LEGO City Mining 4200 Mining 4X4

Brand: LEGO
Model# 0BCE5CBA | SKU# 243161262

The miner is driving his rugged Mining 4x4 and is on the lookout for gold. It won't be easy, but with his dynamite, hatchet and drill, it won't be long before he strikes gold. Blast the rock with the dynamite to find the gold nuggets and crystals! Includes miner minifigure.


LEGO Elves Azari's Magic Fire 30259

Brand: LEGO
Model# F3EF314E | SKU# 277496746

Sit by a tree branch and bake apples on Azari's Magic Fire, powered by a lavafall. Azari's favorite recipe is apple flamb? - what's yours?


LEGO Turkey (40033)

Brand: LEGO
Model# 4CE7B5EA | SKU# 258947836

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a buildable LEGO Turkey, featuring bright red wattle and movable wings that makes a festive fall decoration!


LEGO City Tow Truck (60056)

Brand: LEGO
Model# A1D47767 | SKU# 258947826

When the biggest trucks in LEGO? City break down, it?s time to call in the heavy-duty Tow Truck! Lower the crane arm, attach the working winch and grab the stricken vehicle to secure it. There?s just time for a quick clean up with the broom, then jump the driver back in the driving seat and tow the vehicle away for repair. With the awesome Tow Truck, the LEGO? City traffic will always keep moving! Collect this and all the other vehicles in the Great Vehicles range! Includes a driver minifigure with assorted accessories.


LEGO City Camper Van (60057)

Brand: LEGO
Model# 37D47260 | SKU# 258946998

Prepare for exciting outdoor adventures with the cool Camper Van! Find the perfect riverside spot, offload the canoe from the roof and put on the life vests. Then push off into the water for an exciting day of exploration, before returning for a good night?s sleep in the spacious Camper Van when the sun goes down. Collect this and all the other vehicles in the Great Vehicles range! Includes 2 adventurer minifigures with assorted accessories.


Fitness Instructor 8805 Series 5 LEGO Minifigures

Brand: LEGO
Model# LG 5 FTNSS INSTRCTR | SKU# 272464020

Don't fall down now! We're just getting warmed up! The Fitness Instructor has devoted herself to one thing and one thing only: getting people in great shape! With the help of a boom-box full of energetic workout tunes and a wall full of degrees in aerobics, yoga and more, she leads fitness sessions and promotes good health wherever she goes. With her endless energy and enthusiasm, the Fitness Instructor makes exercise look like so much fun that you just can't resist joining in. But if you do, be prepared for the workout of a lifetime, because she'll keep going and going long after everybody else is ready to drop from exhaustion!


Vertical Lunch Ninjago Kai

Brand: LEGO
Model# LN0151-100N-BLK | SKU# 284147941

Foam insulated main compartment with easy to clean lining


LEGO Architecture Series The Willis Tower 21000

Brand: LEGO
Model# 4643338 | SKU# 243032251

*Rebuild one of Chicago's most recognizable landmarks Willis Tower *Formerly known as Sears Tower *A great gift for architecture enthusiasts! *Part of the LEGO Architecture Landmark series *Brand new in manufacturer packaging *Small Parts Choking Hazard - not recommended for children under 10


LEGO Architecture Empire State Building

Brand: LEGO
Model# 4643312 | SKU# 243031686

LEGO Architecture Empire State Building: LEGO Architecture Empire State Building: The Empire State Building joins the LEGO Architecture Landmark series of real-world construction models. Standing 7.4 tall, New York City's famous skyscraper is built from tan bricks on a striking 3.1 gray and black base with printed name label. Includes a booklet with details about the building's history and creation. For ages 10 and up. UPC: 673419160100


LEGO Harry Potter 4841 Hogwart's Express

Brand: LEGO
Model# 4841 | SKU# 217752006

Catch the Hogwarts Express headed to Hogwarts!/bThe Hogwarts Express has left the station without Harry and Ron on board! Borrow Mr. Weasleys flying car to catch up with your classmates. Remove the top of the passenger car to place minifigures inside and load up your cargo! * Includes 5 minifigures Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy * Magnetic elements keep train cars connected during transit * Load the train with minifig passengers and their owls! * Pack train cars with realistic luggage including trunks containing wands * Accessories include food trolley, suitcases, ice cream, owls, Invisibility Cloak and more * Three train cars measures over 21 (53 cm) long

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