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5×7 Delicately Weathered Aluminum Photo Frame


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When it comes to displaying photographs, the image should do the talking. Show off your snapshot with simplicity and good taste. This aluminum photo frame brings the appropriate amount of flair without upstaging your photograph. In fact, your pictures will look even more delightful thanks to the frame’s thoughtful design. The piece is ready to be displayed. Simply pop in a 5 by 7 photograph and you’re set. Thanks to the border, no trimming is required. Instead, the central image of your photo will be perfectly framed for all to see. The rectangular shape is a classic style that will suit any image. You probably already have the exact picture picked out for this frame. If you’re lacking a bit of inspiration, why not choose a close-up shot of you and loved one? Every time you glance at the frame and image inside, you’ll be filled with warm and comforting memories.


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