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Aegina Pot, Ceramic, Natural Colouring


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This large ceramic pot has been sculpted with a roomy body and a slim rounded neck. The finish is a weathered natural matte, giving a vintage feel. Sit this large pot in the corner of the living room, to add a little personality and style. It would look great with decorative branches inside for a minimalist vibe or add in flowers for that more striking, attention grabbing look. The entranceway is another spot this ceramic pot would thrive in. There’s nothing better to come home to, than a lively display of fresh flowers. If you prefer to keep the foliage outdoors, stand this pot on your balcony or decking. Being functional and versatile, this pot is a timeless piece that can be moved around your home when you fancy a change. Grab a few pieces in the Aegina range, for that tied together home style.


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