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Aluminium Planter Pots, Graphite Coloured Set of Three


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Mystical graphite colourings and tones absolutely pour off of this charming set of aluminium planters, an addition which can be flexibly placed either inside your home, on a patio or balcony, or even in your garden. Three pots presented in slightly varying heights, make up this wonderful set and the artist has crafted them out of striking aluminium. Vertical pieces of the metal have been fused together to make the wide and commanding vases and the line work of these strips adds a beautiful touch to each piece. Additionally, the metal has been hammered in a slight bubble fashion which serves to further enhance the visual depth of the set and to round it all off, the most luxurious graphite finish has been applied. This set of planters is a master-piece, one which will bring foreign feels and intrigue to any area of your beloved home.


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