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Alumium Dining Allure


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Platters are a simple way to make a fantastic impact on any dining room table. Crafted out of aluminium, this set of two platters is absolutely magical in all that it represents. Coloured in varying tones of silver, the inside base of these pieces has been indented liberally with dots. This creates an alluring aesthetic variation of dimension, which allows for the colouring to be enriched which ultimately results in a beautiful decor addition to your dinner table. These platters can be used for all types of food, whether it is salads or sides, mains or deserts: the options are endless. They can even be used simply as decorative pieces and will stand strong as lone and stunning design elements. As a part of your table, these two pieces can be a privy to bringing your friends and family much eating pleasure, as well as years of memories filled to the brim with love and laughter.


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