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Antique copper, hammered pendant lamp


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This pendant lamp has been finished with a striking hammered detailing, that reflects the light off in varying ways. The top is slim and tapers out into a fuller body, that slopes back into a rounded opening. This allows for a concentrated light to be filtered over any area you desire. The copper colouring adds a little sparkle, and will be an eye-catching look in any room. Hang it over the dining table for those family mealtimes or more intimate dinner parties. A stripped wooden dining table would be a fabulous compliment to this piece. Best suited for an urban inspired loft, or warehouse with vintage flair, you could hang a group of these around a large room for a tied together theme. A country cottage with chunky woods and plush leather sofas would also be a stylish match. Cool metal features are a way to add funky design with an urban chic.


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