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Bold Teak Mirror


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Allow your bare walls to be absolutely dazzled by this earthy, luxurious and completely individual mirror, an addition in your home that will be nothing short of stylishly striking. Sourced from intriguing India, this mirror has a frame which has been crafted out of strong and gorgeous teak, a wood that oozes decor class and utter strength. Left in a natural form, the four sides of this mirror are all unique in their shaping, appearing almost as if the trunks of the teak have been chopped and placed. This allows for a gorgeous and earthy feel to come to the fore, inspired by the markings and tone changes that exist within the thickly presented wood.?? Long and narrow, the reflectiveness of the mirror within contrasts magically with the alluring nature of the wooden frame, ultimately resulting in a mirror that will overwhelm your walls with inspirational style and beauty.


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