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Bottle Galvanized Iron Wire Pendant Hanging Light


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The Galvanized Iron Bottle Wire Pendant Hanging Light has a vintage charm to its bottle, wireframe shape. Inside the wireframe bottle pendant light, the socket and light bulb are housed so the light bulb is partially exposed. The wire pendant light goes best with an Edison bulb since the wireframe is meant to feature the light bulb rather than conceal it. It’s a stylish, eye-catching fixture and since it’s not oversized, it will fit in nearly any space that you wish. The cage like wireframe has an antique copper finish and it flares out slightly for a kind of retro, industrial look that offers understated lighting for when you want to keep your aesthetic look subtle. The wire pendant light measures only 15 cms (L) X 15 cms (W) X 34 cms (H), so be sure to pick a bulb that complements that size of fixture.


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