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Cayman Bamboo 2 Drawer Cabinet – Natural


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Cayman Bamboo 2 Drawer Mirrored Cabinet If you love pretty, striking and functional home furniture, this bamboo two drawer cabinet could be just what youre looking for. It stands up on four sturdy legs and it has two deep, wide drawers made from bamboo and given a detailed lattice pattern on the front of each. Each handle has a double up bamboo design, ensuring it will last a lifetime. Cut glass covers the fronts of the drawers and the top and side of the cabinet giving it an elegant finish. The mix of glass and bamboo is complementing and you can bet wherever you place this cabinet, itll grab your attention. It could work well as a bedside cabinet, to store books and that essential morning cup of tea on. Alternately it could act as extra storage in the living area or even in the study.


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