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Colourful Fish Coasters


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Many homeowners appreciate detail and take pride in choosing small, yet striking design pieces. This set of coasters has been crafted for that exact type of homeowner, one that desires a decor that is funky and fun down to the very last detail. This set of delightful and attention drawing coasters is a great start to adding the final touches on your interior. Each coaster is shaped like a fish and the set of four makes use of a variety of colours. Pale yellow, light blue and a darker blue have been chosen for the fish, immediately creating a great, lively feel. Further, each fish has a unique design on their body, and the artist has taken an old school, seventies approach. Stripes, zigzags, circles and rounded squiggles have been placed on these fish, being the ultimate factor that makes them stand out so much. Your bar area will receive the awesome interior lift that it needs with this wonderful set of fish coasters.


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