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Contemporary 4 piece Cutlery Cheeseboard


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Cheeseboards usually come in the same old boring style, with no unique personality. This one has a look all of its own with a fusion of porcelain, bamboo and polished metal. The base tray is made from a polished, bright white porcelain, which combines wonderfully with the upper bamboo tray. In the corner, a bamboo utensil holder has been attached, with a funky metal fork, knife and two wide spatulas. Quirky cut-out circles, can be seen on each utensil for an eye-catching design. The whole look is fresh and contemporary with a dash of dazzle. Use it at social gatherings to display your finest cheeses. Stand it in the centre of the table so guests can cut off wedges at their leisure. They will be wowed at the beauty and functionality of this piece. A cheeseboard this funky will be the envy of all your friends, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!


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