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Cowhide Rug, Squared


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Choosing the perfect rug can completely change the face of any of your rooms and this particular piece is sure to instantly give any of your dull floorings a stunning interior facelift. Modern merges with a rodeo inspired styling to create an absolute masterpiece, one that will suit any homeowner who appreciates unique and strong interior styles. Rectangular in shape, the true intrigue can be seen in the way that the entirety of this rug has been crafted using soft and sensuous cowhide. Additionally, the carpet has been sectioned into perfectly small and edgy squares, creating the most wonderful visual. Within each square, black and white markings ooze off of the cowhide, proving this rug to be a one of a kind piece that will command attention where ever it is placed. The varying of colours and markings add a charming and unique twist and this cowhide rug will change the look of any of your rooms in your house that need a total overhaul.


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