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Delightful Mango Wood Serving Tray


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Much of the time, it is the small and special interior detail that counts. Truly seen in this piece, this charming, natural wooden serving board piece is perfect for feeding your friends and loved ones delicious snacks out of the comfort of your home when hosting dinner parties and luncheons. The designer has skilfully created this stunning piece out of Eastern infused and earthily inspired mango wood. The serving board is rectangular in shape and different shades of natural browns in colour bounce off, with a strip like fashion running vertically down the piece. The visual that this creates is absolutely charming. Surround this serving board with other wooden elements and different bright fabrics to make your interior look outstanding. This piece will be sure to sit well in any home or any interior. Place this piece on your dining room table or any other surface area and this serving board will create a rustic and classical ambience.


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