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Diamond Brass, Glass & Wood Pendant Light


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Elegant Diamond Pendant LightOozing with beauty, elegance and a unique style, this diamond pendant light is a one of a kind. Glass panes attach together in a diamond formation creating the casing for the light. Brass strips hold everything together, flowing up into a sculpted wooden peak which holds onto the ceiling chain. Such a striking light will grab attention in any room you put it in. The living room, hallway or even your bedroom could be a great home for this pendant light.Think about surrounding it with classic whitewashed walls, cool cream hanging floor curtains and a buffed wooden floor. Keeping your decor classic and plain, will allow your detailed lamps and other quirky ornaments to really pop. Perfect for a Hamptons styled home or contemporary apartment, youll love the way this pendant lamp gets lots of compliments. Treat yourself to one in every room with major footfall to get a stylish theme going.


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