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Dining Room Table Dazzle


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Dinner party decor has been given a fusion of rustic beauty and elegant styling with this individual and caringly crafted platter. Aluminium has been used to create this piece, which is flat and wide in shape, and smooth and shiny to the eye. The silver has been beautifully polished and the rustic element comes into play in the way in which the whole body of this piece appears to be ever so slightly distressed. Dark and light silver play off against each other, giving this platter the dazzle factor that it deserves. This piece even has two big and round handles that have been crafted into the aluminium. This allows for easy and practical usage, whilst allowing the metallic colouring to take centre stage. Your dining room table will look spectacular with this platter on it, displaying all your delicious foods and surrounded by all your friends, family and loved ones.


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