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Dome Marble Pendant Hanging Light with Silver Detail


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The Silver and Marble Pendant Hanging Light is a dome-shaped fixture with a silver accent that gives it a clean aesthetic. The white, slightly veined marble and darker silver metal finish will be at home in most decor, as an unobtrusive fixture that offers subtle style. Though the silver and marble light looks best with an Edison bulb since the fixture displays the bulb prominently, you can get creative with stained glass or coloured bulbs to create ambiance that goes with your style. These small fixtures work well in a set, such as over a kitchen island where you can have soft glowing light while entertaining guests. The silver and marble light is 7 cms (L) X 7 cms (W) X 12 cms (H), so if you’re looking for an understated lighting fixture, this might be an ideal solution for your living space.


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