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Earthy Brass Aluminum Finish Photo Frame- Large


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Protect and show off your memories with this large brass-coloured photo frame. This piece is sure to make the most dazzling of photographs shine even brighter. The brass tone draws the viewer’s eye directly the piece while a substantial border focuses on the image displayed. The intersecting pattern of lines adds some interest and surprise to the photo frame. Made from aluminum, this item will work in just about any room. To enhance its natural charm, pair with other metallic pieces. You might add two smaller, brass photo frames or a silver-toned figurine. A gold-toned candle holder would look just as lovely by the frame’s side. This combination of metals feels unexpected and chic. A piece this shiny deserves a central location. Display it on your coffee table, in the foyer or living room. You’re bound to enjoy recalling your most loved memories as you gaze upon the frame.


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