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Elm Leather Bar Stool with Iron Legs, Black Finish


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Enable your bar area to stand out using the finest and most new age styles of furniture. This Elm leather bar stool will allow you to so, an addition which will stand stunningly in the entertainment area of your home. Long, elegant and thin black iron legs have been constructed in a very avant-garde fashion, with smooth lines and sturdy construction being very clear. A top the legs sits the most charming and luxurious seating section which has been shaped to look like an actual little chair. This part has been made using beautiful, smooth and timeless leather which has also been given a deep, black finish. The use of dark colouring allows for a classic look and feel, which works perfectly with the new age visual of this stool. Placed around your bar, this leather bar stool is destined to be striking and will serve brilliantly in your home for many years to come.


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