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Glass and Cement Hurricane Style Lamp


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Hurricane lamps have become more popular over the years. This style allows the light the diffuse freely without requiring a lot of space. It looks particularly lovely in streamlined, minimalist homes. However, even if you’re not the back to basics time, you’ll adore the simplicity this lamp brings to any space you place it in. This lamp features a terracotta base. Its grey shade is neutral enough to suit the brightest or boldest of decors. This base is thick enough to balance out the glass half of the item. It also connects to the upper portion effortlessly. The glass allows the light to flicker through and shine brightly. When not in use, the interior remains exposed for an understated feel. To complement the minimalistic style, pair this piece with rustic furniture. You’ll be able to experiment with different styles easily. An unpainted dresser and natural wood table are perfect accessories. ? ? ? ?


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