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Glass Hurricane Lamp With Cement Base


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This outstanding and romantically inspired glass lamp is perfect for giving your interior decor the sumptuous addition that it needs. The shade of this lamp has been amazingly created using transparent,curvy, smooth and reflective glass, taking on a cylindrical shape. The glass section then perfectly merges into the base of this lamp, which has been constructed using ever-sturdy cement. Tones of dark and light greys have been used to create an unpolished and rough effect which will only add and create a rustic and earthy ambience in your beloved home. Three different sized candles have been used to create the lighting of this lamp, white in colour, thus allowing for an added modern twist and undertone. Place this glass hurricane lamp on any surface area or counter top in your home, whether it be used as a statement piece to brighten up any bare surface area, or used practically to create a striking romantic lighting effect.


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