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Hamptons bell, glass and wood mix pendant light


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Simple elegance has been captured perfectly, in this bell shaped, glass and wood mixed pendant light. With a slim white wire attachment, and intricate carved top, the glass covering slopes down smoothly into a chic, bell shape. The wood has been given a subtle whitewash to compliment the look. The clear, open glass allows light to penetrate out all around for a bright feel. Hang these along the centre of a stripped wooden dining table, either left bare or with a colourful runner, for a luxurious look. Wooden counters and smooth fresh white decor, will give a simple but deluxe feel. Style the rest of your home with a Hamptons feel, to tie together the look. Creamy, white leathers and soft pastel shades will create an openness and welcoming vibe. With its natural look, this lamp could also match in well with rustic and contemporary designs.


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