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Hip and Authentic Door Stopper


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This gorgeous grey owl stopper can be used in any room of your home or work space. The originality of this piece is what makes it so spectacular. The designer of this door stopper has gone the full length by creating an incredibly practical piece in the unique and intriguing shape of an owl. It is not your average door stopper and proves that every interior detail counts. This grey owl is made up of two types of wool making the piece strong and steady, as well as visually contrasting. The use of wool is also what allows this piece to appear soft, attractive and easy on the eye. Large buttons have been used to present the compelling eyes, softly stitched with grey wool onto a white background of material. A little piece of triangular grey cloth has been stitched on as the owl’s nose and all of these interesting and unique details work together to produce an authentically hip and delightful door stopper.


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