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Hobayo Rectangular Bar Stool with Leather Weaving 65cm – Ivory


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Ivory Hobayo Bar Stool, Square Shaped, Leather Weaving, 65cm The bar area in your beloved house is where you spend invaluable time with friends and family, the place where memories are made. Add instant interior value with this piece. This bar stool is new age, smooth, modern and cool. Ivory coloured wooden legs move seamlessly into a luxuriously leather seating area. The leather has been cut into thick strips and then easily weaved together, creating a patchwork visual. Also ivory in colour, the seat is comfortable as well as avant-garde. The colouring of the entire piece will freshen and lighten up the area as well as ensure that your guests are comfortable, and the combination of the wood and the leather is utterly timeless. This bar stool piece is a high end, sturdy and stunning item which will no doubt bring you and your home years of interior joy.


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