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Ideal and Unique Cat Bowl


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Pets are much loved in many homes and giving them the accessories that they deserve is very important. There is also no need for their bowls to be dull and boring: in fact truly fabulous design statements can be made in the choices you make. This stunning cat bowl is one that has been created to stand out and give your pets the special crockery they truly deserve. Crafted out of bright and reflective aluminium, the simple bowls are encased in a stunning yellow caged stand. This unique stand is vintage infused yellow in colour and has been given a very rustic diamond design. The sumptuous silver of the bowls bounces delightfully off the slight yellow stand top and all of these elements work together to make a truly fantastic cat bowl. The iron is slightly distressed in certain areas and the result of this that this charming piece that oozes a funky, yet antique ambience.


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