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Iron and Water Hyacinth Large Dome Pendant Light


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The Dome Iron and Water Hyacinth Pendant Light is a bold statement piece that combines the warm energy of raw materials and the outdoor feel of rough-cut natural stems. Built for sturdiness, the light has an iron frame for support and hangs from a chain link that complements the light’s rustic style. The pendant light diffuses light in a warm, natural way to create a glow that you’ll love throughout your home. The roughened edges poke out at all angles for a visual treat and direct light in all directions. A bright, high-lumen light bulb would probably work best for this fixture but if you’re going for a specific lighting arrangement, get creative and try out some other lighting solutions. The pendant light measures 62 cms (L) X 62 cms (W) X 43 cms (H), occupying a chunk of your ceiling space for an eye-catching and stylish lighting option.


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