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Iron and Wood Round Geo Pendant Light


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The Round Iron and Wood Geometric Pendant Light has a dramatic wireframe flair that adds instant visual interest to any space. The wide cage-like shade creates a flat, horizontal plane that is pleasing to the eye while the vertical, light-coloured wood socket on the top both balances and contrasts nicely with the black iron shade. Made from iron and a light-coloured wood, the light offers a complementary blend of contrasting warm- and cool-tone that will fit seamlessly with a wide range of home decor looks and styles. Gaps in the pendant light are evenly spaced to expose the light bulb, so bulb choice is an important matter. Edison bulbs work well with this open design but coloured lights or stained glass bulbs also provide variety and unique style. The pendant light measures 46.5 cms (L) X 46.5 cms (W) X 29 cms (H) and makes a striking centrepiece for a kitchen or dining room light fixture.


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