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Iron Wirework Hang Lamp-Blk


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Gone are the days of bland and seemingly functional lighting features and this brilliantly ethnic and exotic light shade is the perfect example of how every detail matters. Black and daring in colour, this master-piece has been crafted out of metal and shows how magnificent wire work can be.”At the top, tight and circular motions have been presented and as the shade moves down, and widens, the gaps between the wire becomes wider. It ends in a broad opening and the entire shaping takes on the look of a rustically crafted cone. The spacing between the dark and alluring metal allows for light to flood out of the shade and into a room, bringing varying depth of beaming light alive. This glorious wire light cover will make a charming addition to any room in your home that desires a dash of intriguing decor and is bound to bring you years of lighting pleasure.


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