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Jute and Iron Tiered Chandelier, Large


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Chandeliers can be used in various spaces and they have the potential to perfectly complement the existing decor in any room. New and interesting spins have been placed on the traditionally formed chandeliers and this jute piece is a wonderful example of how you can infuse earthy and natural lighting tones into any area of your home. Four jute covered iron rings, starting small and climaxing in size at the middle, then becoming smaller again at the bottom, sit ideally throughout the lighting piece. These thick rings are joined together by more jute which has been presented in a fine, netted manner. The effect that this has is that lovely beams of lighting will flood out of the holes and into your room. The rustic brown tones work delightfully with the yellow light colouring of the bulb to bring you a very interesting, homely and rustic chandelier and no matter where you hang it, this piece is bound to make a stylish impact on your existing decor.


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