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Jute/Wood Basket Chandelier-N


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Natural colourings ooze off of this charmingly brilliant chandelier piece, an item which will softly infuse any room with natural earthy tones and allow for light to overwhelm any area of your beloved home. Feelings of the East are incredibly apparent due to the artists use of wooden jute, which has been incredibly woven and winded in a cylindrical fashion, softly widening as the lighting case moves from top to bottom. The jute takes on a netted appearance throughout and near the opening, the artist has woven it more tightly and created a basket like piece which sits seamlessly at the bottom of the casing. Once turned on, the yellow lighting bounces off and through the jute, allowing for the warmest and most beautiful of visuals. Make your lighting stand out with this artistic and delightful jute chandelier lighting piece!


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