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Kentia Palm in Plastic Pot 210cm – Green


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Kentia 210cm PalmLush and tropical is not normally something you associate with your living room, but its possible to create this scene with a few of these Kentia palm plants. Cluster a handful together in the living area to get a stunning jungle like style. The stems reach up tall and splay out with slim, long leaves. The soothing green tones are earthy and will look great against cool crisp walls and a stripped wooden floor.Plants do more than just decorate, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen ensuring you have increased, crisp oxygen levels all the time. They increase humidity and remove nasty toxins from the air, basically improving your all round health! With so many benefits, these Kentia plants should be in every room of your home. You could even gift one to a friend who loves dabbling in the garden at the weekend.


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