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Large Rope and Wood Nest Pendant Light, White/Natural


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The Large Rope and Wood Nest Pendant Light is a clean and simple statement of white angles that makes an elegant addition to any room. Made from rope, wood and metal, the pendant light evokes a sense of nature and serenity. The striking diamond shape of the pendant light combined with the curved wooden top creates interesting lines that attract and draw the eye to the light. The white and natural tones and different textures of wood, rope and metal combine with the gentle and sharp contrasting edges to deliver clean, sure lines that bring understated beauty to your living room, kitchen or dining room. Pick a light bulb type that will create the ideal glow for your personal lighting style. At 64 cms (L) X 64 cms (W) X 89 cms (H), it’s a stylish, modern statement piece that will light up any living space in your home.


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