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Lawson Seagrass Baskets, Set 2


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Handy storage baskets are much needed in the home to keep things tidy. These Lawson seagrass baskets can be used to store many things away including; toys, clothes, books and even kitchen items. The seagrass is tightly woven together to create the durable and tough outer layers. This basket can be filled to the brim and carry heavy loads without fear of breakage. The handles are made of strong rope and tightly wound onto the edges. Pretty ceramic tiles have been added to the sides in a matching beige tone for eye-catching detail. Oozing with a rustic charm, these baskets are useful items to have around the home. When not in use, they can be easily stacked inside each other and pushed to one side. Best suited around other neutral decors and chunky vintage furniture pieces.


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