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Layla Ikat Jute Polypropylene Rug – Jute


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Layla Ikat Rug, Large Every home needs a few rugs thrown around to inject style and warmth into the interior. If you have stripped wooden floors or an expanse of cool stone, this rug is just what you need to warm things up. Lay it down in front of the fire and enjoy lazing out on it after a hard day. Arrange your sofas around the edges and maybe even have your coffee table in-between, so you can share drinks and snacks with friends. Made with a mix of wool and jute, this rug has been designed to withstand a lifetime of footfall and is soft enough for the feet underneath. Black diamond patterns jumps out from the creamy beige background of this rug, making it a head-turner. Being large in size, its perfect to lay down in a large living room or even a large entranceway.


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