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Loft Iron and Leather Bar Stool


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Give your bar area the fabulous furniture it so needs with this ultra-funky and stylish bar stool. The sturdiness and rawness of iron have been wickedly merged with soft, sumptuous leather, making this a piece of furniture that will stand out and make a wonderful design statement. The strong iron legs have been assembled in an intriguing manner: four legs stand wide apart and easily bunch together towards the top of the stool. This clustered effect is topped off by a simple, round seating element and whilst the shaping is standard, the use of brown leather is what really adds the final touch of brilliance. Rich, earthy and classic tones pour off of the leather, highly complimented by the starkness of the iron. The shaping is edgy and the use of leather is ever classic, making this a unique and brilliant addition to your bar area.


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