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Mango wood and marble, square chopping board


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Every kitchen needs an assortment of chopping boards to protect their counters while slicing things up. Most are plain and boring, but this one stands out with its own unique beauty. Smoothed white marble merges into softened mango wood for a fusion that oozes natural charm and elegance. A long, rounded handle protudes from one end, with a handy rope attachment for storage.The crystal white marble is flecked with grey tones that draw the eye in. The mango wood swirls with darkened graining that melts into varying shades. Use this stunning board to chop up a variety of veggies, meats and herbs. At mealtimes use it to transport breads and cheeses, to sit in the centre of the dinner table for everyone to share. The natural tones make it easy to mix into many decor themes, so it will keep looking great no matter how many times you change things up.


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