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Mango wood and slate, square chopping board


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Tough black slate meets with softened mango wood to make this gorgeous, square chopping board. The sides have been smoothed and the edges rounded and a handle attaches at one end. The black slate is striking and shows milky sprinklings throughout for a shabby chic effect. The slate merges with the wood seamlessly for an earthy but current look.Chop up a variety of foodstuffs on this board including; veggies, herbs, meats and fish and wipe down easily when done. Use it to transport breads, cheeses and snacks about at social gatherings and leave it in the centre of the table for everyone to pick delicious bits from. Perfect for more formal affairs or will equally look great at that low key Sunday dinner, this board will be a useful part of your kitchen life. Purchase a range in varying sizes to have a complimenting, unique look.


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