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Manhattan Wood Bar Stool, Leather Seating


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Add a luxurious and old school feel to your bar area with this grand and vintage inspired bar stool. Ever sturdy wood and opulent leather merge to create a design piece that is nothing short of breath-taking, one that will stand strong in your home for years to come. Four wooden legs, with a circular ring holding them together in the inner of this stool, allow for a variety of shaping and contours to harmoniously exits. The wood is natural in colour and a myriad of earthy brown tones seep off. The legs move into the actual seat, which is classically round in shape but simultaneously striking in design. Thick, brown leather has been generously used, creating an ultra-comfortable seating effect. The leather has been bunched throughout, with round metal buttons holding the material down. This results in a puffed effect, which rings true of olden Manhattan times and makes for a beautiful visual. Placed in your bar, you will be bound to create a fabulous atmosphere, one that celebrates the true interior value that leather can bring into your home.


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