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Manor Leather Chair with Iron Legs, Tan Colouring


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Stately, sumptuous and ultra-fabulous is the best way to describe this awesome chair piece, an item of furniture that will bring brilliance and style to any part of your home that either needs an enhancement of interior theme or that simply needs a boost or a lift. Dark and stately iron legs move simply and slightly into a gorgeous seating section which has been created using thick and plush leather. Comfort seems to be the name of the game with a lovely high back moving into an ample spaced sitting space. The charming tan colouring of this seat lends well to the old-school feels that the leather creates, working well with the edgier and new age iron of the legs. This seat can be used in a set around a dining table in order to create something completely unique, or it can be placed in a sitting room for extra seating. You could even place it on a veranda or in a hallway. Where ever you place it, there is no doubt that this gorgeous leather chair will have a great impact in your home.


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