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Natural Table, Round


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Strong shaping and wooden wonder have been delightfully portrayed in this chunky and gorgeous side table, proving to all home owners that statements can be made through even the most practical design elements. Four large and cylindrical legs all move to meet at the table surface, creating a tee-pee visual and look as if they are almost balanced in place which adds to the intrigue of this side table. The surface comes in the form of a rotund and thickset piece of wood which is round in shaping and strong in structure. The entire piece has been left in a natural unvarnished, brown colour with a range of soft, earthy tones bouncing off of the table, bound to enhance your current interior. Big and bold in nature, this side table can be placed in your lounge for that extra bit of surface space, or even on your patio. The subtle use of wood colouring allows it to fit into any home that celebrates the beauty of nature and its durability means that it will have a place in your home for years to come.


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