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Nature Inspired Oval Shaped Bowl


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Now here’s a household essential that doubles as a work of art. Have you ever seen a bowl so thoughtfully and artistically designed? A lot of thought went into making this piece and it shows. From the hand painted interior to smooth, polished exterior, this item is perfect for art lovers everywhere. After all, shouldn’t you love everything in your home? This patterned bowl is bound to become a new and life-long favourite. A pattern of white spirals fills in the interior of this piece, mimicking its oval shape and pure white exterior. Petal-like shapes fill the spirals, bringing some femininity and delicateness. The final look is one that’s refined but suitable to just about every home. The options for usage are nearly endless. Store glass beads inside for an artistic effect. Or use it to serve your best batch of tomato soup on a cold day. The aluminum finish makes it easy to reuse again and again.


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