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Numada Leather Weave Dining Chair in Ivory


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Your dining room is where you eat with family and entertain friends so it needs to be comfortable and stylish. This leather weave ivory and white dining chair has been made with skill and exudes a sleek, modern vibe. Soft, leather strips have been woven together to make the seat and backing. The legs and body of the chair are made of wood and given an elegant, ivory finish. Surround your dining table with these chairs and watch how they add in style and personality. The cool white and ivory shades will work well next to a glass dining table and over a grey stone flooring. An eye-catching centre piece or candles, will add in some individualisation to your table layout. Gather your friends and family around the table to enjoy your soft leather weave chairs and your delicious cooking. The softness of these chairs are sure to impress your friends and allow people to lounge in a little luxury.


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