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Oblong O-Shaped Flower Vase- Large


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Flowers can make a big impact on our homes. A lovely bouquet of flowers brings life, warmth and some much-needed colour to any room. The trick to making your floral arrangements stand out is in the display. Ideally, your vase will enhance and complement the flowers. This oblong O-shaped vase was designed to magnify the beauty of your arrangements. Instead of allowing the stems and leaves to show through (as with a glass vase), the short neck of the aluminum vase keeps eyes on the buds of the flowers. It also encourages you to be extra creative with the trimming and arranging of those flowers. The head of a beautiful rose or lily will rest perfectly against the mouth of this vase. Thanks to its large size, this vase doubles as a work of art. Place it wherever you did an extra bit of flair and fun. No elaborate displays required!


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