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Ocean Inspired Time Telling


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Beach house brilliance and individuality has been captured in this awesome wall clock, one that will bring the holiday feel directly to your home as soon as you hang it on one of your empty spaces. The backing of this piece is where the brilliance lays, and this is created through the funky use of thick, chunky wooden planks. The wood has a thin white frame painted around it, with the rest of the face being a faded, dark blue colour. The entire clock face has been distressed, which combined with the naturalness of the wood, makes for a very cool and beach inspired overall look. The numbers are white and very thickset, which highlights the uniqueness and retro feel of the clock. Further enhancing this is a few quotes painted on the wood, all working together to make this clock ring true of long, summery holidays near the ocean. Whether hung in your holiday house, or in your home, this clock will add spunk to any wall you place it on.


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