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One Drawer Table Piece,Pure White


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White is one of those colours that can sit purely and strikingly in any area of your home. Many people overlook the use of white furniture insertions, which are an easy and effective way to bring a sense of lightness and space into a room. This one drawer table piece is nothing short of enchanting: It has been crafted out of sturdy wood, has a wide top section which doubles up as a useful drawer and has four legs which have been intriguingly paired up. The legs run together diagonally, meeting in the centre and landing on the opposite side from where they came from. This creates a very new age visual, which is purified by the stark white finish that has been given to the entirety of this piece. Light and utterly lovely, you can maximise surface and storage space whilst at the same time bringing a classically beautiful look, with modern undertones, into any room of your home.


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